Make better meetings

Create the best environment to collaborate and share knowledge.

Join the 100,000+ other Spilter users and experience the power of meeting software.


Implement the Group Decision Room. The combination of our innovative meeting software, your knowledge and our experienced facilitators guarantee your meeting will be more efficient and effective.


Design a template with us that you can use for every meeting. Experience the benefits of our innovative, user-friendly meeting software for all your meetings.


Spilter has developed various turnkey meeting software products based on years of experience with group processes. See which product can make a difference for you. Choose from the Stakeholder Analysis and the Spilter GDSS.

Spilter makes meeting software, thereby creating the ideal setting to
gauge opinions, get ideas, share knowledge and make decisions.

Spilter in a nutshell


Spilter is your meeting software specialist.  From fully organising and facilitating your Group Decision Room to developing a custom meeting software product specifically for you, as a meeting software specialist we are happy to advise and assist you. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we can improve your process too – guaranteed. With our meeting software we developed in-house, you can achieve a time savings of up to 56% with proven quality improvement. Meeting software helps you get more out of your team and takes advantage of all their knowledge. Opinions are visualised right away, so that everyone can discuss the real issues. The quality improves, the process is quicker and support is generated subconsciously. Would you like to learn more? Read more about us.


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