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About us

Leading up to the founding of Spilter, Steven Wagemaker worked as a project manager and consultant. During his work, he, like many of us, attended many meetings and gatherings each week. Steve was convinced that software support could greatly improve the analogue meeting and decision-making processes. With this philosophy in mind, Steven began developing a Group Decision Support System (GDSS) in 2005.

A year later marked the beginning of a first version of a simple GDSS.  This simple version of the product was received with much enthusiasm. Steven saw the potential but the GDSS needed more options. He listened carefully to (potential) clients, continuously mirrored market practises, regularly used the software himself and fell flat on his face many times before completing the development of a fully-fledged product that was given the name Spilter.

The enthusiasm grew, first just in the Netherlands, but before long, meetings were being held using the Spilter software throughout Europe. The term Group Decision Room, which is what a session with GDSS software is called, is now a household name.

Meeting software

Now, 12 years later, Spilter is not only a leader in GDSS software in the Netherlands, but we have further advanced to meeting software specialists. What began as GDSS has grown into a whole platform that forms a solid basis for a wide variety of products and templates. Meanwhile, hundreds of users have trained with us to become meeting software specialists.

Our philosophy is to do things we are very good at: Developing meeting software and supporting different sessions using this meeting software. The ease-of-use, the operating method and the types of questions and analyses are continuously undergoing further development in collaboration with our users and partners. We firmly believe in working with partners for specialised questions and other specialty areas. This is at the heart of how we are growing as a company.

Our ambitions are high. We believe that every organisation in the world must experience the benefits and power of meeting software. We ambitiously work on that objective with our entire team of meeting specialists every day.

Meeting software specialist

Steven Wagemaker
Steven Wagemaker Meetingsoftware specialist
Managing partner

Steven and Allard are the company’s managing partners and Steven, as Spilter’s founder, is responsible for the (continued) development of Spilter meeting software.

Allard Dericks
Allard DericksMeetingsoftware specialist

Managing partner

Allard and Steven are Spilter’s managing partners, with Allard responsible for commerce. Please feel free to contact him, as he is always open to an introductory discussion.

Karim Ayachi
Karim AyachiMeetingsoftware specialist

Karim is the lead developer at Spilter and manages the development team with his many years of experience in the development of the Spilter platform and various meeting software packages.

Marlon Essers
Marlon EssersMeetingsoftware specialist

Marlon is an experienced Spilter operator and offers support for a number of processes with meeting software.

Radboud de Groot
Radboud de GrootMeetingsoftware specialist

Radboud was one of the first GDSS users in the Netherlands. He is a former partner of Twijnstra The Bridge and PwC and specialises in strategic and boardroom sessions.

Edwin de Graaf
Edwin de GraafMeetingsoftware specialist
Decisions by Design

Edwin is our specialist in the Decisions by Design field. This unique decision-making methodology has been digitised with Spilter and can therefore now be used even more efficiently.

Corine Vreugdenhil
Corine VreugdenhilMeetingsoftware specialist
Social Domain

Corine Vreugdenhil has acquired a great deal of experience in the social domain and is a competent meeting software specialist within this field.

Anja Romein
Anja RomeinMeetingsoftware specialist
Social Domain

Anja Romein is the founder of the Social Connectors and is very experienced within the social domain.

Ilona Clintjens
Ilona ClintjensMeetingsoftware specialist

Ilona is a very experienced moderator and has been successfully guiding processes with meeting software for many years.

Yvonne Lemmens
Yvonne LemmensMeetingsoftware specialist
Hartelijk Gefaciliteerd

Yvonne, facilitator and trainer, helps advisors to create support and commitment with interactive meetings. She organises the in-company training courses together with Spilter, which train the participants up to become meeting software specialists.

Jan-Jaap in der Maur
Jan-Jaap in der MaurMeetingsoftware specialist

Jan-Jaap is a very experienced chairman. He is very proficient at switching between output from meeting software and discussions, resulting in a flowing interaction with the audience.

Nitin Sharma
Nitin SharmaMeetingsoftware specialist India

Nitin is our Spilter dealer, located in India. He uses technology and design to make meetings effective, engaging and easy.

Do you want to join our team? Do you want to become a meeting software specialist?

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