Brown paper session

A Brown Paper session is an effective means to achieve a common objective as a group. You can make the Brown Paper session even more effective by engaging the services of Spilter.


What is a Brown Paper session?

During a Brown Paper session, a large sheet of paper, so-called Brown Paper, is hung on the wall. The workshop participants all work together towards a solution using that paper. You can ask specific questions, after which the responses are written with a marker on sticky notes. These notes are then put on the sheet and are then re-arranged during a later phase by moving them around on the sheet.


Benefits of the Brown Paper session

This effective method has a number of benefits over traditional meetings. You can record complex group and thought processes, after which the group works together to determine a solution. Everyone has an equal say, which leads to widely supported results.


Even more effective with Spilter

You can work even more effectively by using Spilter during the Brown Paper session. The room is equipped with computers so that the participants can respond to the questions. Everyone enters their responses at the same time, which saves a significant amount of time during the Brown Paper session. Since all participants are working through the computer, everyone participates actively, not just the talkative participants.

What’s more, responses can be entered anonymously, which makes it even easier for participants to freely share their opinions. It’s a perfect way to brainstorm successfully. Categorising the responses is just as easy. The responses are organised digitally and categorised in relevant clusters.

Better results

Since you do not see who is entering which responses, participants aren’t responding a certain way just to please the group.  Thus, the biggest talker doesn’t simply get his way, the best answer will be honoured. What’s more, the original sequential order is maintained so that you can review everything again later. You will receive a report as soon as the Brown Paper session has ended. With this method, you will never again have to manually enter the data from all the sticky notes after a session.

Interaction with Spilter

Spilter is well-suited for touchscreens, iPads, smartboards and smartphones. This provides for a lot of interaction during the Brown Paper session. For example, the participants can stand around a board and discuss their views with the group.

The ideas can then be moved around, just like in a Brown Paper session.

All the benefits of Spilter during your Brown Paper session

  • Participants respond directly and at the same time: that saves time
  • Even participants who are generally silent, have an equal say in the session
  • Responses can be entered anonymously
  • The best response is honoured, not the participant who talks the most
  • You never have to manually enter data from sticky notes after a Brown Paper session again
  • You will receive a report after the session ends
  • Spilter is well-suited for touchscreens and smartboards: interaction is guaranteed

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