Make your congress interactive

Our experienced facilitators know like no other what questions will get the attention of the people in a room.

Transform your congress into a valuable experience and involve your entire audience.

Create interaction

Have your visitors give (anonymous) input interactively.

Personal device

Your visitors participate with their personal smartphone or tablet.

Immediate insight

Your visitors’ input is visualised right away and updates can be seen in real-time.

Easy to connect

All you need is Wifi or a local network supplied by us.

12years of experience
50Congresses per year
170different clients

Spilter during your congress

Involve everyone in the whole room interactively by implementing Spilter during your congress. Prepare the right questions with the experienced facilitators of Spilter and have the attendees easily participate with their smartphone or tablet. Contributions from everyone in the room are displayed on the big screen in real-time. You can ask open-ended questions, whereby the participants give their opinion or ask a question. You can also ask closed-ended questions, in which participants rate a statement or choose between two specific topics. Unique with Spilter is the capability to ask review questions, in which you can ask for the reasoning behind their responses and have immediate insight into how the responses are distributed.

Do you want to discuss sensitive and confidential information during the congress? Our local servers provide you with a fully protected and secure environment for your work.

Around 20 people would normally be given the opportunity to speak with groups of 75. This technique offers the possibility of everyone in the room having their say. I can certainly recommend it to everyone.

– Bert Gijsberts, (Former) Delegate from the Province of Flevoland

You have to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is.

– Johan Mulder, Municipality of Veenendaal

Refreshing and new: the working method and approach left us feeling something had really been done with our input.

– Province of Flevoland

Netwerkapp partnership

Netwerkapp and Spilter entered into a partnership in 2016. “The Netwerkapp developers strongly believe in combining online contact and actual meetings and gatherings. Person-to-person contact remains necessary for a fruitful partnership – technology is only a valuable tool for a quicker and more effective way to come into contact with the right people.” Netwerkapp provides your visitors with the means to come into contact with one another, Spilter offers you the capability to easily make contact with your audience. Your visitors will certainly feel they have been heard and seen.

Spilter during your congress

Do you want to create a complete interactive congress? Contact us for all the possibilities.

The Spilter Congress options

Fully organised congress

Implement Spilter for your congress with a professional facilitator, operator and hardware if desired. One of our experienced facilitators will assist you from beginning to end. We will advise you on the appropriate questions, facilitate the process, operate the software, and set up and break down the necessary equipment.

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Basis congress

Do you already have an experienced facilitator or moderator? Engage the services of a Spilter operator. Your questions will be entered into the software and during the congress an experienced operator will operate the software so that the results are displayed in the desired manner at the appropriate time.

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Make your congress interactive


Do you organise congresses on a regular basis? Are you looking for an easy way to make them more interactive? View our Spilter Event tool. It is very easy to implement independently.

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