Software development

The versatility of our Spilter platform in conjunction with our in-house developers

gives us the capability to digitise your process as well.

Digitise your process

Can be fully customised to your process and desired output

Use innovative software

It is the basis of our in-house developed meeting software platform

Save a lot of time

Widely supported results because everyone gives input

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

56% time saving - research by IBM
89% higher effectiveness - research by New Jersey IT

Customisation in software

Digitise your group process and discover the benefits of user-friendly software for all your meetings. By implementing our well-developed software platform, all group processes can be easily digitised. It adds structure to the process, can be fully incorporated in your standard procedure and all results are saved immediately.  Attendees can also participate remotely if desired. This can equal a time savings of up to 50% according to scientific research. If you have data from your own programs or databases you would like to use, the Spilter developers can fully integrate it in the software. You will then be able to import or export the data at the touch of a button. We can also partner with you to digitise your unique methodology so that we can successfully market the product together.

Around 20 people would normally be given the opportunity to speak with groups of 75. This technique offers the possibility of everyone in the room having their say. I can certainly recommend it to everyone.

– Bert Gijsberts, (Former) Delegate from the Province of Flevoland

Approximately 70 partners from the municipality collected around 500 ideas with Spilter’s system and guidance. Enjoyable events with a great yield.

– Saskia de Smet, Municipality of Etten-Leur

I have never seen such continued active participation after half of day of meetings; I am sure connections with each other’s work have been established today.

– Theo de Groen, Penal Institution Almere

Spilter’s role

We have a standard process for our developments. After an extensive introductory meeting with one of our consultants, we will see what is already available in the existing tools and what exclusive development must take place. The next step is to create a functional design. You will always receive a model before giving your final approval so that you know exactly how the tool will work and whether the tool fulfils all your requirements. Upon receiving final approval, our experienced team will convert all specifications into a unique and user-friendly software tool.

Our software platform can digitise up to 90% of all group processes. It is highly likely that very little will have to be developed exclusively.

The Spilter development options

Setting up software

Very many processes can be entered directly into one of the existing Spilter products. You and your consultant will discuss your needs; the Spilter consultant will set up the software for you and will write the user manual if desired.

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Sometimes all that has to be added to an existing product is your own graph, analysis or question type in order to digitise your process. The Spilter platform is designed in such a way that they can be easily added.

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Completely new product

Your own tool. We will create your personalised tool with building blocks from our platform supplemented by your specific needs. It will be dedicated to your process. Of course, we can also jointly take that tool to market.

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