Digital Brainstorming is the tool that enables everyone in the group to provide input without having to wait for someone else to finish.

The involvement of all participants sets the stage for a discussion about things that truly matter.

Simultaneous brainstorming

Everyone enters ideas simultaneously via different devices

Printing ideas

Print all ideas, cluster them and make them available again in digital format

Directly in the cloud

All ideas are saved directly to the cloud and stored there

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

Digital brainstorming

The participants contribute their ideas simultaneously in digital format via laptops, tablets or smartphones. The ideas are visible to everyone, and they serve as a source of inspiration for all the other participants. This saves a lot of time because no one has to wait for others before entering their ideas. It also generates more input because no one feels inhibited by someone else’s opinion.

Another benefit of digital input is that the ideas are saved and can be retrieved again later at any time. Once all input has been collected, it can be easily clustered and categorised in Spilter. This provides a better understanding and more oversight of the results. You can also choose a hybrid form, whereby all ideas are printed on stickers. You can then cluster them and re-scan them into Spilter.

After clustering, each participant evaluates the different ideas, which results in a graph that clearly shows the differences and similarities. The involvement of all participants provides for real discussion that forms the basis for widely-supported outcomes. What’s more: all ideas, clusters and analyses are available in a clear report once the session ends.

Hybrid brainstorming

We truly believe Spilter provide us with added value for the discussion and the subsequent yield

– IJsbrand Jepma, Sardes

Refreshing and new: the working method and approach left us feeling something had really been done with our input.

– Province of Flevoland

You have to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is.

– Johan Mulder, Municipality of Veenendaal

How does digital brainstorming work

Laptops, tablets & smartphones

All laptops, PCs & desktops with Internet Explorer 8 or higher support Spilter. Spilter can also be used on tablets with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Mobile browsers on smartphones like Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome also work well.

No matter what language you would like to use with Spilter, the software makes it possible! Spilter comes standard with Dutch, English and German, but is also available in any other desired language. Spilter automatically uses the language your browser is set to, which means you can start working right away.

In Spilter you can invite participants to the session by sending out a message with a direct link to your session. You can also choose to place a direct link to the session on your website or to incorporate it in other forms of communication.

You can choose to identify knowledge, opinions and ideas among participants by asking open-ended and closed-ended questions.

With open-ended questions, every participant can respond freely without any constraints, while closed-ended questions are good if you want to collect specific information in a short period of time.

Closed-ended questions are also ideal as registration questions that can be used later during the session to create cross-sections.

The phase of adding structure. You can sort and categorise the answers to gain insight into the most important, the best, the most original or most striking answers; this can be done individually, in groups or everyone together. This will give you a better understanding and more oversight of the results during your session.

Spilter offers various analysis options, each with its own goal and purpose. Simple analyses are ideal whenever you want to evaluate statements, determine the common denominator or attach a score to actions. With the multi-criteria analysis you can see the relationship between each criterion and the actions. You can also weight the scores.

With Spilter, taking meeting notes is a thing of the past. All information from the session is saved and is easy to print in a report. You choose the report layout, whether you want to create a general report or a report by group, and the type of software you would like to download the report to.

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