Spilter event tool

Engage your audience. Easily make your event interactive with the Spilter event tool.

Create interaction

Have your visitors give (anonymous) input interactively.

Personal device

Your visitors participate with their personal smartphone or tablet

Immediate insight

Your visitors’ input is visualised right away and updates can be seen in real-time.

Easy to connect

All you need is Wifi or a local network supplied by us.

50Events per year
12years of experience
170different clients

Spilter event tool

You will involve everyone in the room interactively with the Spilter event tool.  The attendees can participate interactively simply by using their smartphone or tablet.  The contributions from the entire room are displayed on the big screen in real-time. You can ask open-ended questions, have participants ask questions to presenters or brainstorm. Closed-ended questions, such as rating a statement or choosing between certain topics are also possible. Ask for reasoning for their responses and evaluate everything after the event is over. The Spilter event tool is the most comprehensive event tool available that you can operate yourself.

Around 20 people would normally be given the opportunity to speak with groups of 75. This technique offers the possibility of everyone in the room having their say. I can certainly recommend it to everyone.

– Bert Gijsberts, (Former) Delegate from the Province of Flevoland

Refreshing and new: the working method and approach left us feeling something had really been done with our input.

– Province of Flevoland

You have to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is.

– Johan Mulder, Municipality of Veenendaal

Make your event interactive

The Spilter event tool gives you the capability to fully interact with your audience, which makes it a valuable and affordable addition to your event. The benefits of the Spilter event tool in a nutshell:

  • You can operate it without help, thus making it affordable
  • You can modify it to match your own corporate look
  • Fully web-based, no download necessary
  • Meets the highest security requirements
  • Can be integrated with any event app or website

Open-ended questions

Allow your audience to ask questions to the presenter, brainstorm with your audience or ask an open-ended question

Closed-ended questions

Present statements, have the audience rate ideas, compare answers between groups (ex: male vs female) or ask for reasons for their response.


Have the audience rate statements and view the average score right away along with the distribution. Zoom in on each statement by viewing the exact distribution of scores.



Open-ended questions





Closed-ended questions


Questions to presenter




Spilter during your event

Need more options or want to customize the tool? Contact us for all the possibilities.