Digitise your decision-making process. Implement Spilter Group Decision Support System software.

Discover the power of the most advanced GDSS.

Involve all participants

Let all participants give their input (anonymously). Take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and opinions.

Maintain focus

Keep it organised, no matter the number of participants. Focus on the content.

Discuss what truly matters

The outcome is visualised immediately.  That keeps the discussion relevant and focused on the content.

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

56% time saving - research by IBM
89% higher effectiveness - research by New Jersey IT

What is a GDSS

A GDSS (Group Decision Support System) is software that digitally supports creative and decision-making processes. A well-known application for this is the Group Decision Room. Since all participants provide input at the same time, you have immediate insight into areas of agreement and differences of opinion. This allows the group to discuss truly important matters. Scientific studies show that GDSS decision-making processes not only progress faster, the quality of the results is also higher.

Spilter GDSS is the most comprehensive GDSS software available. It supports every topic, regardless of the complexity, no matter the method. Participants are more involved in the entire process, whereby the outcomes of the meeting are widely supported. It gathers and uses the knowledge and opinions of all participants. Since there is more insight into what others are thinking, there is more contact and interaction among everyone present.

You have to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is.

– Johan Mulder, Municipality of Veenendaal

An incredibly effective way of taking some time out to talk to each other (and reach agreements) about the project.

– Ben de Jong, Project Manager at Den Oever Dike Improvement

We truly believe Spilter provide us with added value for the discussion and the subsequent yield

– IJsbrand Jepma, Sardes


Spilter GDSS can be accessed from any device with internet and is fully cloud-based. It is a proven tool that accelerates your process and makes it more effective. It will help you get more out of your meeting.

Support every phase of the decision-making process – from identifying and categorising to prioritizing and working out the details. Work face-to-face and/or online. Create a meeting from beginning to end in 4 steps.


First define the objective of the session. Then consider the questions that must be answered.


Create the meeting in Spilter. Choose the right question type. Invite the participants via a direct link.


Present real-time results. Easily visualise where the differences of opinions lie.


Print the results in a clear report. Give the participants feedback.


1 Chairman

Upon request

5 chairman

Upon request

10+ moderators

Upon request

More options are possible in addition to the standard packages.


Learn how to get the most out of Spilter GDSS

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