Spilter has everything it takes to create a successful Group Decision Room

from our software developed in-house to the most experienced facilitators.

Involve all participants

Let all participants give their input (anonymously). Take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and opinions.

Maintain focus

Keep it organised, no matter the number of participants. Focus on the content.

Discuss what truly matters

The outcome is visualised immediately. That keeps the discussion relevant and focused on the content.

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

150Group Decision Rooms per year
12Years of experience
170Different clients

What is a Group Decision Room

The Group Decision Room is an inspirational environment where sensitive subjects and important topics can be discussed without dominance and hierarchy. The wisdom of the crowd will provide insights, and decisions will be made. We accomplish this by implementing the GDSS in our Group Decision Room. The Spilter GDSS (Group Decision Support System) has been developed in-house and is one of the leading systems worldwide. The Group Decision Room is also known by the acronym GDR.

The Group Decision Room is comprised of three key parts: the process facilitator, the software and the participants. An experienced consultant knows like no other how to leverage the software in the most effective manner. If desired, we can also assist with asking the appropriate questions and selecting relevant forms of questions and analysis. This provides the capability to expose differences of opinion right away so that participants can discuss the issues that truly matter and so that you can obtain maximum benefits from the knowledge of all participants.

Digital and analogue activities complement each other in a Group Decision Room. The software visualises differences of opinion in real-time so that participants can focus on the content that truly matters. The input collected can be presented easily to gauge the group’s opinions. The results are available in a report at the end of the session, so that less time is necessary for processing the details.

We truly believe Spilter provide us with added value for the discussion and the subsequent yield

– IJsbrand Jepma, Sardes

 Refreshing and new: the working method and approach left us feeling something had really been done with our input.

– Province of Flevoland

You have to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is.

– Johan Mulder, Municipality of Veenendaal

Group Decision Room with Spilter


All participants in a Group Decision Room use a device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. They can use their own devices or you can have us provide them. We will build the Group Decision Room for you with laptops or iPads and then we will take everything with us after your meeting has finished. The Group Decision Room software is web-based; therefore, all you need is Wifi or one of our local servers and a power socket.

Our professional and experienced facilitators are also happy to advise you. They give their input and lead the group process in a methodical and decisive manner so that you can be certain your objective will be achieved. Of course, you also have the option to just use the platform in your own Group Decision Room with technical support. During your session, an experienced operator will operate the software so that the process facilitator can fully focus on the group and the discussion. We offer various levels of support to meet your needs and requirements.

Do you want to discuss sensitive and confidential information in the Group Decision Room? We can offer a completely protected and secure meeting environment with our local servers

The Spilter Group Decision Room – options

Fully-organised Group Decision Room

Use the Spilter Group Decision Room with a professional facilitator, operator and hardware if desired. One of our experienced consultants will support you from start to finish.We provide advice on phrasing questions, facilitating the process, operating the software, and setting up and breaking down the necessary equipment.In short, a fully organised Group Decision Room with a guaranteed positive outcome.

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Basic Group Decision Room

Do you already have an experienced facilitator or similar person in your organisation? Engage the services of an experienced Spilter operator, including the set-up and break-down of the necessary equipment if desired. In this way, you can focus all your attention on the process while one of our operators ensures secure operations during your meeting. We will also enter your questions in the Spilter software; all you have to do is submit the questions to us.

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Organise your Group Decision Room yourself

We offer a variety of training courses so that you can use the Group Decision Room software during your meetings without our help. There are (starting) options available for different levels. You can learn how to facilitate, moderate and operate, or just one or two of these components.

training courses
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