Group Decision Room

The Spilter Group Decision Room ensures better session results quickly and easily. The digital tool enables you to collect a maximum number of ideas and opinions within a short period of time. Participants alternate between discussing issues and using laptops, tablets or smartphones to respond to questions, statements and analyses at the same time.  The software visualises where the opinions differ, so that the team can discuss the real issues.

Working conference

Do you want to achieve results with large groups? Add structure to your conference? Ensure participation by all attendees? Use Spilter during your working conference and you will ensure that all participants are sharing information effectively in no time. With Spilter you will transform your congress or conference into a well-organised work session where you will achieve results that are widely supported by participants.


Transform your congress into a valuable experience and involve all your visitors. Prepare the right questions with Spilter’s experienced facilitators and have attendees actively participate with their smartphone or tablet. Contributions by everyone in the room are displayed on the big screen in real-time.  With the capability to use both open-ended and closed-ended questions and analyses, Spilter has the most comprehensive tool on the market.


Digitise your group process and experience the benefits of user-friendly meeting software for all your meetings.  All group processes can be easily digitised by taking advantage of our advanced software platform. It adds structure to the process, can be fully incorporated in the standard method and all results are saved immediately.

Training Courses

Follow our training courses and learn how to implement the Spilter software independently. Whether you are a certified facilitator or want to learn how to implement meeting software in your organisation, we have the right training course for you.  The courses are broken down into knowledge levels so that you can start at the right level for you. Add value to your organisation or give your clients the added value of meeting software; take training from the most experienced Spilter software specialists.


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Group Decision Room and Working conference with Spilter

No matter whether you want to discuss a minor problem or a major one, the Spilter Group Decision Room allows you to easily use the knowledge and opinion of others to resolve your problem.  The whole process from identifying the problem to making a decision is facilitated for you. A Spilter Group Decision Room is ideal for smaller groups of 5 to 30 participants. The working conference is for large groups for up to 600 or more.

A Group Decision Room or working conference with Spilter is characterised by our ultimate combination of software, hardware and support; group processes are accelerated and can be easily documented.

Depending on the topic, the number of participants and the desired objective, we will work with you to determine whether the Group Decision Room or the working conference is the best solution for you. Both options provide real-time visibility into results and that makes it easier to hold a plenary discussion of the results.  The Group Decision Room and the working conference encourage participants to give their best and they ensure that everyone feels they are being heard. Together they will achieve a well-supported decision.

You can print all input from the Group Decision Room and the working conference to a clear report at the touch of a button.

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