Templates in Spilter
Enjoy the advantages of (partially) working digitally, with the power of your own methodology.

Involve all participants

Let all participants give their input (anonymously). Take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and opinions.

Maintain focus

Keep it organised, no matter the number of participants. Focus on the content.

Discuss what truly matters

The outcome is visualised immediately.  That keeps the discussion relevant and focused on the content.

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

Why a template?

A template is a standard format in Spilter meeting software. The basis for every template and new product is Spilter, a GDSS (Group Decision Support System) that has transformed into a comprehensive platform over the past ten years. The extensive capabilities of our Spilter platform enable a wide range of questions types and analyses, whereby practically every process can be digitised. The costs are extremely low and you can start working right away during every meeting.

We will discuss your process with you to design the appropriate template. With 10 years of experience in meeting software and group processes, we are certain we can jointly come up with an efficient template. View a few examples of the processes that now benefit from all the advantages of digitisation. The Decisions by Design model and GPS brainstorming are processes that have been translated to a template, the Stakeholder Analysis is a fully fledged new product.

Your own template

Are you interested in having your own template design for your process? We will be happy to work with you.