GDSS Software

Take your decision-making processes to the next level with Spilter Group Decision Support System software. Knowledge and opinions are gathered quickly, without hierarchy or dominance being able to obstruct the process. Discuss the important issues and come to a well-supported decision 50% faster.

Event tool

The digital tool helps you collect a maximum number of ideas and opinions in a short period of time. The software displays the results right away on the big screen. Open-ended and closed-ended questions. Very user-friendly. Ensure more interaction during your event, involve all participants. Take advantage of everyone’s knowledge and opinions.

Stakeholders analysis

A stakeholders analysis identifies all interested parties and stakeholders in a specific situation. It looks at the influences they have, what their interests are and how those interests can influence the process. The Digital Stakeholders Analysis helps you accelerate that process.

Digital brainstorming

Digital Brainstorming is the tool to ensure that everyone in the group can give their input without having to wait for someone else. The results are visible at any time and there is no need to bother with bits of paper: the input is directly incorporated in a report. When all participants are involved, it allows for a productive discussion about the things that truly matter.


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