Identify stakeholders quickly and effectively with the Digital Stakeholders Analysis

Identify stakeholders

Stakeholders can be identified offline in advance

Add stakeholders

Easily add new stakeholders

Participate easily

Everyone can participate using their personal device

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

How does the Digital Stakeholders Analysis work

The digital stakeholders analysis is a good tool for you if you regularly identify who the key stakeholders and other stakeholders are. You can use the digital stakeholders analysis to specify what role the stakeholders have and what their influence is.

The digital stakeholders analysis can be used in a number of ways. All participants can identify the stakeholders at the same time using their laptop, tablet or smartphone. They can specify the starting position of the stakeholder at the outset. This saves time because there is no need to wait until everyone has finished giving their input.

The stakeholders can also be entered during the discussion and are then displayed directly on the interactive screen. The discussion can then take place based on that information and the facilitator can move, modify or add stakeholders where necessary. The result is a clear stakeholders analysis that clearly identifies the stakeholders and their roles. This is available immediately in digital format and can be printed as a Word document.


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We truly believe Spilter provide us with added value for the discussion and the subsequent yield

– IJsbrand Jepma, Sardes

 Refreshing and new: the working method and approach left us feeling something had really been done with our input.

– Province of Flevoland

You have to experience it for yourself to see how effective it is.

– Johan Mulder, Municipality of Veenendaal

Laptops, tablets & smartphones

All laptops, PCs & desktops with Internet Explorer 8 or higher support Spilter. Spilter can also be used on tablets with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Spilter also works well on smartphones and with mobile browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

In the Digital Stakeholders Analysis you can invite participants to the session via a message that contains a direct link to the session.

You can choose to identify the participants’ knowledge, opinions and ideas by asking open-ended and closed-ended questions.

Every participant can freely respond to open-ended questions without any restraint, while closed-ended questions are suitable if you want to collect specific information within a short period of time.

Closed-ended questions are also ideal as registration questions that can be used later in the session to create cross-sections.

Add the structural phase. You can sort and organise the answers to gain visibility into the most important, the best, the most original or most striking answers; this can be done individually, in groups or with everyone together. This will give you a better understanding and more oversight of the results during your session.

With Spilter, taking meeting notes is a thing of the past. All information from the session is saved and is easy to print in a report. You choose the layout of the report, whether you want to create an overall report or a report by group, as well as the type of program you want to download the report to.