Individual template

A template is a standard format in Spilter meeting software. The basis for each template and new product is Spilter, a GDSS (Group Decision Support System) that has transformed into a comprehensive platform over the past ten years. The extensive capabilities of our Spilter platform enable a wide range of question types and analyses, whereby practically any process can be digitised. The costs are extremely low and you can start working with it right away during every meeting.

Decisions by Design Digital

Decisions by Design is an effective method for making decisions and it is digitised with Spilter. Design in 4 phases with decisions that are guaranteed to be widely supported. Decisions by Design is a method that has been digitised in partnership with Spilter. The ideal combination of a proven methodology with all the benefits of meeting software.

Training courses

Follow our training courses and learn how to implement the Spilter software independently. Whether you are a certified facilitator or want to learn how to implement meeting software in your organisation, we have the right training course for you.  The courses are broken down into knowledge levels so that you can start at the right level for you. Add value to your organisation or give your clients the added value of meeting software; take training from the most experienced Spilter software specialists.


 Would you like to learn more about the development of your own template or one of the avalaible templates? Contact us.