World record brainstorming marathon at Floriade Almere 2022

Organising an online brainstorming event. We searched for a topic that is current, appeals to many people in Almere, can benefit from a lot of input, and is important enough to organise an event around it: The Floriade to be held in Almere in 2022! From that moment, our goal was to give as many people as possible the opportunity to share their opinions on the Floriade Almere 2022 over a period of 42,195 hours. The approach was to gather a vast number of ideas. Content was also important, therefore, a variety of questions were developed around the following four themes: Transport, Exhibits, Food & Drinks, and Communications.

Project description
To make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate, we set up four different participation methods:

Online: Anyone could go to the brainstorming marathon website and select one or more themes to share opinions. Brainstorming teams: These special brainstorming teams were walking around in all parts of the city of Almere equipped with iPads. They stopped passers-by and gave them the opportunity to share their ideas. On site: With beautifully decorated booths in different areas of the city, shoppers could not ignore the Brainstorming marathon. Professional facilitators in nice tents, equipped with laptops also enticed the public to share their ideas for the Floriade Almere 2022. Organised brainstorming: People who wanted to discuss the subject more in-depth also had an opportunity to register for an organised brainstorming session to be hosted at a location reserved for that purpose.  These sessions were held using group decision rooms.

Thanks to the attention we generated in the media, via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the website and the individual network, we collected more than 12,000 ideas! A report of the event and the results have been presented to Henk Mulder, alderman of public space, housing and communities for the municipality of Almere. It is now up to the Floriade organisation to evaluate the conclusions and ideas. Who knows, we may see one or more of those ideas in 2022!

Client Spilter as the initiator in collaboration with many local entrepreneurs
Activities Online survey, interviewers in different areas of the city and brainstorming sessions, both organised and ad hoc, at different locations throughout the city.
Results 12,000 ideas in 42,195 hours

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