Guaranteed successful working conference

Achieve guaranteed results within a short time, regardless of the size of your group.

Transform your conference into a well-organised, creative work session and allow every participant to give input.

Benefit from everyone’s knowledge

Everyone’s opinion counts; hierarchy and dominance do not play a role.

Add structure

Achieve methodical and fast results with large groups.

Generate support

Well-supported results because everyone expresses their opinion.

Print reports immediately

All input is recorded digitally. A session report is available right away.

12Years of experience
50Working conferences per year
170Different clients

A working conference with Spilter

Use Spilter during your working conference and allow everyone to express their opinions at the same time. Thanks to the unique combination of our meeting software, hardware and experienced facilitators, group processes are accelerated and all the knowledge shared is saved immediately. Also use the system to obtain input from all your employees or to benefit from the knowledge of experts within a short time.

We will work with you to determine the right method based on the topic, the number of participants and the desired objective. Ask open-ended questions so that your participants can brainstorm or present statements to them; support is guaranteed because you give everyone the opportunity to give input. Different analyses will provide you with insight into differences of opinion and underlying relationships.

Refreshing and new: the working method and approach left us feeling something had really been done with our input.

– Province of Flevoland

Approximately 70 partners from the municipality collected around 500 ideas with Spilter’s system and guidance. Enjoyable events with a great yield.

– Saskia de Smet, Municipality of Etten-Leur

I have never seen such continued active participation after half of day of meetings; I am sure connections with each other’s work have been established today.

– Theo de Groen, Penal Institution Almere

Spilter’s role

Achieve maximum results from your working conference. Together, we will ensure that your conference is well-run. From preparation to a successful end, we will work with you during the whole process. With our extensive experience, we will advise the best approach to ensure that you will achieve your objectives.

Spilter meeting software is web-based. Therefore, all you need is Wifi or one of our local servers and a power socket. We can provide devices, tablets or laptops, but you can also use your own devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Gain inspiration from a few cases we have helped with or have organised. You can read all about them in our blogs below. We can organise your whole working conference for you, but we also have a lot of experience in collaborating and providing expertise for the most interactive moment of your working conference.

Will you be discussing sensitive and confidential information during the working conference? Our local servers provide you with a fully protected and secure environment for your work.

The Spilter Working Conference options

Fully organised Working Conference

Implement the Spilter Working Conference with a professional facilitator, operator and hardware if desired. One of our experienced consultants will assist you from the beginning to the end. We will advise you in the questions to ask, facilitate the process, operate the software, and set up and break down the necessary equipment. In short, a fully organised working conference with guaranteed positive results.

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Basic Working Conference

Do you already have an experienced facilitator or moderator for the day? Bring in an experienced Spilter operator, including set-up and break-down of the necessary equipment. Now you can focus all your attention on the process and one of our operators will ensure secure operations during the conference. We will also enter your questions into the Spilter software for you. All you need to do is submit them to us.

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Organise your Working Conference yourself

We have various training courses available so that you can independently operate the Spilter software for your meetings.  There are various (starting) options for different levels. You can learn to facilitate, moderate and operate, or just one or two of these components. View our training courses.

Training courses